The Cartoon Museum – situated in an old dairy building in Bloomsbury – look at those lovely tiles!

Last month I attended a meeting in London with the other recipients of the Collecting Cultures grant money awarded by the Heritage Lottery Fund.  It was great to hear how the other projects are coming along, and from those that have finished their projects too.  We also heard about some of the interesting items purchased for various public museums and galleries across the UK – including couture clothes, photographs, diaries and a suffragette banner.  Our host was the Cartoon Museum – a haven for British comic art situated in Bloomsbury.  For their Collecting Cultures project, ‘Comic Creators’, the Cartoon Museum purchased this original pen, ink and watercolour on paper in 2016.  It features a familiar footballing face – Roy of the Rovers by Mike White.  This would be at home at the National Football Museum too!

Gallery view at the Cartoon Museum

Whilst in London, I managed to splosh my way through the rain to get to the Serpentine Sackler Gallery for the Rose Wylie exhibition, Quack Quack.  My main interest in going was for the football-themed piece Yellow Strip (2006) – but when I got there I was really pleased to see another – Arsenal & Spurs (2006)There were also two paintings which featured cats, which I loved but I’m not here to talk about that…(I will include a photo later though!).

Yellow Strip is an oil and chalk on canvas, and features a line-up of Rooney, Crouch, Henri, Lehmann and Ronaldinho. The exhibition guide states:

‘Yellow Strip takes inspiration from football icons whose images proliferate the media.  Wylie is interested in football’s position within popular culture and its shared iconography.’

I would love to know more about the inspiration behind the oil on canvas piece Arsenal & Spurs.  The oil paint on this piece is so thick – it reminds me of a big birthday cake! It would be fantastic to interview Rose Wylie about the use of football in her art, and delve a little deeper.

Do go and see Quack Quack if you can – it is a thought provoking and fun exhibition in a beautiful setting, and is only on until 11th February – so be quack… I mean, QUICK!

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