A project start meeting was convened at University of Bristol History of Art Department on 15th of January 2015 hosted by Prof. Mike O’Mahony and attended by John O’Shea and David Pearson. An outline was drawn up of the key areas of investigation for this 4 year project along with associated challenges, opportunities and key timepoints. (Comprehensive notes were taken and shared with partners). There are effectively three areas of investigation over the first three years and identified below are some starting points and challenges for the first year:

Year 1 – Posters / Illustrations (post 1953)

  • Refamiliarise with Collection
  • Identify Aspects of Collections Management (storage, conservation etc.)

Opportunities: Forward looking /pro-activity – What are gaps?

  • 2015 Womens World Cup
  • 2016 France? contemporary illustration
  • 2018 Russia (Mike O’Mahony)


  • Arts collections policy

Year 2 – Public Realm (Maquettes, Models, Plans)

Year 3 – New Media (Film, Video, Digital)

Further to this, other elements of the project are:

Exhibition 2017 Resulting research & new acquisitions will be highlighted during 2017 with an exhibition at National Football Museum celebrating the art and imagery of the world’s favourite sport.

Training and Public Programme 

  • Opportunity for University of Bristol students to begin work on project: preliminary visit at beginning of unit (Final Year Art History students) “How would you research this collection?” (late March to mid April)
  • possibly Masters students working in collection


We identified that there is an urgent requirement to identify a core Collections team member to liaise between the NFM collection and the project lead for the duration of Art of Football.