The first cohort meeting of the new Collecting Cultures Fund was held at the Museum of London and attended on behalf of National Football Museum by David Pearson (Deputy Director) and John O’Shea. It was a very thorough day (comprehensive notes were taken/shared) but four takeaway points are below:

1. Importance of Dialogue with Community

  • Set up a blog (done!) This can be a central point for engagement.
  • Use objects to engage dialogue (through forums etc.) Notify HLF, museum colleagues and public as acquisitions are made.
  • Importance of Dissemination through peer publications and press
  • September 2015 (date TBC) there will be a conference for all the projects.

2. Take care re: Working with Dealers and Auctions

  • Opportunities and challenged in moving from Passive to Pro-Active collecting
  • need to find out what is coming up (this is a good test for policies/curatorship)
  • Use of websites: eg “Invaluable” for auction search

3. Make use of the cohort (via the Online Community – Anna Stanford) and 6 monthly meetings:

4. Set up good systems for Evaluation and Monitoring of your project

  • An organisation is being appointed to evaluate the programme on an annual basis in terms of:
    • identified programme aims
    • specific project aims

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